About The Stove

The Apostol cooking rockets are reliable and great to have in a situation like power cuts, floods or other national emergencies and survival. Also good for when you go fishing, hunting or camping in places where open fire is forbidden.

Why purchase our stove?

Here are seven reasons why you should buy our stove:

  •   Emissions- Burns with a low amount of smoke and other harmful emissions.
    • Good Ergonomics - The burning chamber allows you to see and feed the fire from a standing position.
    • Ground Stability - The cooking pot is centred on a tripod stand which does not wobble on uneven terrain.
    • Durability & Reliability - The stove is made from thick 5mm and 3mm heat tolerant mild steel.
    • Modular Design - Bolted parts means easy maintenance and part replacement.
    • Performance - Finely tuned burning chamber for low emissions and high temperature operation. - Extra tall flue for increasing the speed of the hot gases that flow around the pot and improve heat transfer.
  •  Convenient - Unlike other rocket stoves our design does NOT require constant attention due to its AUTO-FEED capabilities.
    •  Benefits

      The main justifications for rocket stoves are economical, social, and environmental. Stove programs can produce economic benefits, saving time and money for the users. In urban areas where people purchase biomass fuel, the payback time for the cost of a rocket stove is short, thus saving on the cost of fuel.

      Rocket stoves can help reduce the over-harvesting of trees. Improved indoor air quality and fuel efficiency have social and health benefits, especially for women and children. In order to reduce indoor air pollution, rocket stoves must improve combustion of the wood fuel, which means reducing the amount of smoke and harmful emissions produced during the burning process. The key to efficient combustion is to burn wood at a high temperature, and there are several ways to achieve this: 

      • A good air draft into the fire
      • Insulation around the fire
      • Metering the fuel

      The most important factor, metering the fuel, requires only the burning portion of the wood to be heated. Fully burned biomass fuel produces less smoke and emissions. The main way to improve the fuel efficiency of rocket stoves is to improve the heat transfer from the fire to the cooking vessel. Most importantly, the hot air and gas released from the fire must contact the cooking vessel over the largest possible surface area. This is accomplished through the use of a pot skirt that creates a narrow channel forcing hot air and gas to flow along the bottom and sides of the cooking vessel. Heat transfer can also be increased by using wide pots. Increasing the speed of the hot gases that flow around the pot can also improve heat transfer.

       The stoves are designed and manufactured in the UK by Bristol Rocket Co.