The Apostol Rocket Stove

Bristol Rocket Co.

Apostol Rocket Stove

If you aspire to the great outdoors, this outdoor cooking stove is the perfect partner, whether it's a weekend wild-camp or a long term outdoor solution the Apostol Rocket will meet your needs.

Built from mild steel, this is a robust little stove which will bring you pleasure every time you fire it up.
The design which has been developed over many years is based on the simple philosophy of 'Form Follows Function'. The angled firebox works as a gravity feed to the heart of the combustion chamber, the air shelf enables maximum oxygen to get to the fire which roars at over 700 °C. The low centre of gravity and tripod legs gives the stove a sturdy base.
Finished in high temperature matt black this is not just a stove but a design icon. 
Latests Improvements:
- Stainless Steel Wind Shield.
- Ash Dump Door.
- Ring Spanners.

No matter how hot the stove is burning - if the wind is blowing away the heat from under the pot you will loose efficiency. Cooking outdoors behind a tree trunk will help but having a built in dedicated wind shield is better in any situation.

In regards to the ash, most of the small rocket stoves will not have this facility but I have designed a hinge-less ash door which will lock in place when the stove is assembled so the door cannot be lost.

The only parts that are bolted are the legs and the rear of the burning chamber. The other parts including the flue are slotted in place so they can be removed without tools for ease transportation and cleaning.

The burning chamber is made of 6 mm thick steel for longevity and it is angled to let you see inside without having to crouch down. Also helps with burning so less fire attendance is required.
Total height including the Wind Shield: 563mm (22.1654 inch).
Total weight: 10Kg (22 lbs).
Ground clearance: 45mm (1.77 inch).
Shipping to USA & Canada: £20
Shipping to Europe: £15
Shipping to UK: £10